Club Training ** Must be Pre-Booked **

Date: Jul 6, 2021 18:45:00
This event is actually a recurrance of another event in our database. You can view information about the parent event by clicking on the link below.

As the progress on the roadmap continues, we will be able to move from groups of 6 to larger groups of up to 30 from Tuesday 18 May. This means we will be meeting in 3 venues for 5 weeks before we all move back to Magnets from 21 June.

These groups will be:

7-8:30 minute miling: Meet at Lamberts (on the industrial estate) with Glen, Andy, Jo and Craig

9–10 minute miling: Meet at Tad Kebab (car park) with Celia, Keith, Richard G and Richard P

10-12 minute miling and run/walk: Meet at Magnets with Mark, Amanda A, Fay, Claire and Julie

This is a big step in the way to getting the whole club back together. The coaches/run leaders will organise the groups and they may well divide into smaller groups but this gives us more flexibility and the chance meet up with more people. It also should mean that there is plenty of room for everyone and no more worrying about groups being full. We will still need to do the doodle poll though for track and trace and emergency purposes so you will still need to sign up. Please continue with this. The whole club has been great at signing up, and advising of absences throughout the whole of the period we have had to do this.