Track Mile / Training (Meet at TGS)

Date: Jul 27, 2021 18:45:00
This event is actually a recurrance of another event in our database. You can view information about the parent event by clicking on the link below.

Next Tuesday the whole club will be meeting at Tadcaster Grammar School using the car park entrance nearest to Bramham and then assembling at the track at 7.00 pm -we will put a marshall there. There is plenty of car park space.

If you want to take part in the 1 mile you will need to register in the doodle poll that will be issued on Friday (tomorrow) at 6.00 pm. Please register by the end of Sunday so we can allocate people to heats and publish these on Monday. Please vote for your roughly expected 1 mile time on the doodle poll. We could also do with a few timers so please volunteer for that if available.

There will be at least 4 heats starting at 7.15 pm and then every 15 minutes. We will group people according to speed with the slowest group going off first. We will have some prizes for heat winners, and overall winners will get a trophy at the dinner. None of us are track runners so this is a chance to pretend we are for an evening and try something a bit different.

It’s an old-fashioned cinder track and road or trail shoes are fine. In the event of serious downpours rendering the track unusable we will come up with an alternative from the same venue.

If you do not wish to take part in the mile, you can take advantage of the opportunity to run on the fields and cross-country track at the school, or do a road run a bit further afield than usual- there is a lovely quiet route to Bramham Via Headley Hall. If you want a route for that, please contact Mark. For these options, you do not need to register. There will be no groups at Magnets that night.