Tadcaster Harriers is keen to support the wider development of members so, alongside the regular Club training and race events, we will aim to provide access to other learning and development opportunities. Some of these will be simple links to tools or resources that are available elsewhere and we will also run development events where, typically, we’ll bring in an external expert on a related topic.

Take a look below. If you have any questions or feedback in this area, please let any of the Committee know or, in particular, contact Sarah Cairns or Gary Cowler.

Development Events

Here are some of the development events that we plan to run this year. As they approach we will firm up the detail and share that in the Newsletter and on the Club Facebook group

  • Navigation and map reading for runners which began in January is described HERE.
  • We will be working with the team from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue at Tadcaster Fire Station to bring First Aid, CPR and Defibrillator training (expected March).
  • Strength training for runners with one of the team of professional personal trainers from ‘5 Star Fitness’ – based in Tadcaster and with gyms in Boston Spa and Wetherby (expected June).
  • Injury prevention and management training from club member and local Tadcaster Physio Dave Baxter (expected late summer).

Links to Resources and Tools

There is a wealth of useful material available online to support runners in their development or in preparing for particular events. Always feel free to ask one of the coaches for advice but here are a few examples that may be helpful:

  • Running, like many sports, sometimes seems to have its own language. Google will help with jargon-busting but you can also take a look HERE.
  • Preparing for your first marathon? There are countless training plans you can follow and it’s important to find one that suits you. You’ll find examples HERE from Bupa for both beginner and intermediate runners.
  • Hill training can be a great way to build running strength (and is often included in our Tuesday sessions). Some examples HERE from Runner’s World.
  • Speed training is used to improve your leg turnover (or, to jargon-bust, your stride frequency), power, running economy, and relaxation while running. Take a look HERE for some ideas.
  • Nutrition is especially important for runner; take a look as these for starters HERE and HERE.

If you come across a great example you’d like to share, do let us know. You could share that on the Facebook group yourself or send it on to Gary Cowler or Sarah Cairns.