Tadcaster 10 Mile Race

The Tadcaster 10 road race was established in 1983 by Tadcaster Methodist Church before Tadcaster Harriers had been formed. The Harriers subsequently took it on and it was a fixture on the Summer calendar until the last race in 2002.

Increasing beaurocracy , heavier traffic and a downturn in entries spelt the end for the race.

At the height of it’s popularity in the late 1980’s it attracted nearly 1000 runners.

The course record was set in the first race by Steve Anders, St Helens AC, at 48.07 and plenty of top class runners tried to better it, the closest being Colin Moore of Bingley in 48.37.

Veroniqe Marot, an international athlete who represented Leeds City AC  set a mark of 58.37 in the very first race. This was subsequently demolished by Lynn Everington of Stretford AC who ran 56.02 in 1987, coming 31st out of 735 finishers.

The route was 1 lap of Tadcaster, east toward York and then through the countryside, past Catterton, through Healaugh and Wighill, returning to Tadcaster and finishing very close to where the leisure centre stands.

The current Chairman did all 20 of them. Best Harriers times are John Nettleton 52.17 in 1985 and Joanne Derry 67.15 in 2000.

Past Winners

Year 1st Male   Time 1st Female   Time Full Results Download PDF
1983 S.Anders St. Helens AC 48:07 V.Marot Leeds City AC 58:37 Results Results
1984 C.Hollingsworth Holmfirth Harriers 49:27 Y.M.Blissitt ASVAC 65:32 Results Results
1985 J.P.Hall Derby and County 50:38 Unknown     Results Results
1986 P.Cuskin Jarrow & Hebburn A C 51:07 D.Baker Bridlington Road Runners 67:49 Results Results
1987 I.Haggan Sunderland 50:55 L.Everington Stretford 56:02 Results Results
1988 B.Grant Harrogate AC 51:28 L.Everington Blaydon Harriers 57:02 Results Results
1989 C.Moore Bingley Harriers 48:37 B.Cardy-Wise Bromsgrove 56:38 Results Results
1990 A.Walker Teviotdale Harriers 50:21 T.Ball  London Olympiades 61:55 Results Results
1991 C.Metcalf Skipton 51:20 YM.Bissit Valley Striders 60:48 Results Results
1992 A.Walker Teviotdale Harriers 50:35 M.Picksley Steel City Striders 63:04 Results Results
1993 D.Ottoway East Hull Harriers 51:35 K.Drake Spenborough 62:09 Results Results
1994 T.Gill Leeds City AC 52:03 K.Drake Spenborough 61:48 Results Results
1995 R.Smedley Gateshead Harriers 51:57 L.Robertson Denby Dale Travellers 65:38 Results Results
1996 K.Chapman Mizuno Racing Club 50:29 J.Holdsworth Baildon Runners 63:12 Results Results
1997 M.Price Sunderland Harriers 49:28 L.Woofenden  Leeds City AC 58:53 Results Results
1998 I.Malone Unattached 54:38 A.Raw Darlington Harriers 62:05 Results Results
1999 N.Cayton Otley AC 52:08 A.Raw Darlington Harriers 62:16 Results Results
2000 I.Fisher Otley AC 50:38 A.Buckley Salford 61:28 Results Results
2001 I.Fisher Otley AC 51:31 A.Raw Darlington Harriers 62:30 Results Results
2002 A.Parker Bolton United Harriers 52:03 M.Hayward Beverley AC 58:17 Results Results


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