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Power of 10 and the UK Rankings

Category: Club News  |  Date: Apr 27, 2018  |  Author: Mark Swinden

The Power of 10 is British Athletics system for recording performances in Licenced races. You can log on and find your own profile and all your performances scheduled in races which have obtained a licence from England Athletics, which is most road and trail races- generally not cross country or fell. You can find it here: http://www.thepowerof10.info/

It is always very up to date, and the results are there from Pocklington already. For races that are accurately measured, such as the York League, anyone who achieves a qualifying time will go into the UK rankings and the athlete’s UK ranking performances are shown in a panel on the right. The qualifying times are age related, in 5-year bands. You only have one entry in a year, but it’s your best race so you can move up the rankings if you improve your time in a subsequent race, but as the year progresses you might also move down as more and more people post qualifying times. Once you have hit a uk rankings time in a year, your record is there permanently.

It’s easier to get a qualifying time if you are at the younger end of an age bracket and I think it’s a bit easier at older ages.

I have been looking at Power of 10 and discovered that 6 of our runners have run themselves into the Uk rankings for the first time in the last year. The most recent of these was Sue Jannati , who did it on Tuesday at Pocklington , by one second! She is currently at 231 in the UK , and 17th in the Yorkshire Rankings in her age category. Richard Penny was already in the rankings for 2018 as a V50 for a ten-mile run at Vale of York and and added 10k at the Pocklington race, both this month. (V50 just means Veteran aged 50 to 54)

The first of the 6 was Alex Young who ran a ranking time of 18 minutes in the York Parkrun on 6 August and has subsequently got into the rankings for 2018 at 10 Miles and 10K in the difficult “all ages” category.

Dave Rowe ran a qualifying time in the Tad 10 last year and ended the year at 729. He is currently in the 2018 rankings as a V45 , for both 10K and 10 miles.

In October 2017, Dave Mullaney ran a ranking time at the Wistow 10k and is also currently at 218 in the 10-mile rankings following his run at Snake Lane, as a V55

Ian Saynor is currently at 308 in the UK rankings for a V40 following his run at the Snake Lane 10-mile race.

The best ever ranking performance by a Tadcaster athlete was from Will Allan, who was ranked no 1 in the UK for the Marathon as a 60-year-old in 2006, the year he was the first over 60 finisher in the London Marathon in 2:55 -42, which is some achievement.

Well done to all of them.



Power of 10 and the UK Rankings