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Intervals: 9x300m

Category: Training-sessions  |  Date: Apr 6, 2020  |  Author: Glen Johnson

6th April - 300m Intervals

With club training sessions suspended due to Coronavirus lockdown measures our 2 club coaches, Glen Johnson and Andy Sloan, will be providing you with a weekly suggestion for a quality speed / endurance session.

This week's lockdown workout is brought to you by Glen. This would have been our usual "First Tuesday" so here is something extra special based around 300m.  Click the video link to hear the Glen describe the session in his own words, or follow the bullet points below:

  • You will need find a venue with a nice 300m section
  • Start with a good warm up at home.
  • Set off on an extended jog out towards your 300m section (Glen suggests about 3k)
  • Now start the interval session:
    • Run 3 x 300m with an active recovery (i.e. jog back to the start) in between each of the 300m efforts
    • 3 minute active recovery
    • Run another 3 x 300m with active recovery
    • 3 minute active recovery
    • If you are able, run a final set of 3 x 300m with active recovery
    • Don't worry if you aren't able do the full 9 intervals - just do whatever you can. Concentrate on quality !
  • Run Home
  • Don't forget to stretch when you are finished

Keep Healthy. Keep Running. Keep it Harriers !


Intervals: 9x300m