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Tempo Session: 2 x 2.6k

Category: Training-sessions  |  Date: Apr 28, 2020  |  Author: Glen Johnson

28th April - Tempo: 2 x 2.6k

With club training sessions suspended due to Coronavirus lockdown measures our 2 club coaches, Glen Johnson and Andy Sloan, will be providing you with a weekly suggestion for a quality speed / endurance session.

Tonight would have been the first race in the summer road league at Pocklington. So, Glen has devised a killer session for you based around the 10k distance but also combining the theme of the current 2.6 charity challenge. Get your race heads on folks !

Click the video link to hear Glen describe the session in his own words, or follow the bullet points below:

  • Start with a good warm up at home.
    • Begin with 2.6k at a steady pace
    • Then run the next 2.6k hard
    • Another 2.6k steady
    • Finish off with 1 more 2.6k hard. Really put as much into the final 2.6k as you can
  • That will give you a total of 10.4k - a perfect alternative to the summer road league
  • Finish with a steady cool down and of course, don't forget to stretch when you are finished !

Have a good week. Bye for now.


Tempo Session: 2 x 2.6k