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Pyramid Speed Session

Category: Training-sessions  |  Date: Jun 2, 2020  |  Author: Glen Johnson

2nd June - Pyramid Speed Session

With club training sessions suspended due to Coronavirus lockdown measures our 2 club coaches, Glen Johnson and Andy Sloan, will be providing you with a weekly suggestion for a quality speed / endurance session.

Tonight is First Tuesday and Glen has devised a pyramid speed session for your enjoyment(?1?). The aim of the pyramid session is to build sustained speed and to work your Cardio Vascular system. 

Click the video link to hear Glen describe the sessions in his own words, or follow the bullet points below

  • As always start with a good 10 minute warm up.
  • Set of on a steady warm up run of 2k / 2 miles and then go straight into the session:
    • 1x30 secs "Quick legs"
    • 1x60 secs "Positive Arms"
    • 1x90 secs "Quiet feet"
    • 1x2mins "High Head"
    • Optional 1x3mins "Breathe out hard"
    • 1min active recovery between each rep with 3-4min active recovery after final rep. Then come back down.
  • Finish with a steady cool down and of course, don't forget to stretch when you are finished.

'It's not the will to win, it's the will to prepare to win' . Enjoy.


Pyramid Speed Session