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Intervals: 3 x 5min Efforts

Category: Training-sessions  |  Date: Jun 24, 2020  |  Author: Andy Sloan

23rd June - Intervals: 3 x 5 Min Efforts

With club training sessions suspended due to Coronavirus lockdown measures our 2 club coaches, Glen Johnson and Andy Sloan, will be providing you with a weekly suggestion for a quality speed / endurance session.

It's Andy again this week with a session targetting 5 minute HARD efforts.

Click the video link to hear Andy describe the session in his own words (the session description starts at about 2:00 in), or follow the bullet points below:

  • Start with a 10 minute warm up at home. Jog for 2-3 minutes and then incorporate a mix of dynamic drills / stretches such as:
    • Jog for 2-3 minutes
    • High knees
    • Lunges (forward and reverse)
    • Walking on tip toes, then on heels
    • High knees running on the spot and punching as well
  • Now we begin the main session. Set off running and aim to repeat the following 3 times:
    • Run at a medium pace for 10 minutes. (60-70%)
    • Go hard for 5 minutes (80-90%)
  • Finish with a steady cool down and of course, don't forget to stretch when you are finished !

Stay Fit. Stay Cool. Stay Safe


Intervals: 3 x 5min Efforts