Bramham Park Fun Runs

About the Event

This popular event offers a rewarding and enjoyable morning in the heart of Bramham Park, one of Yorkshire's beautiful estates. Most of the route is on tarmac paths and muddy surfaces with the occasional gentle hill. Two routes are offered: 5k and 10k circuits, designed for fun runners/walkers and is open to adults and children unaccompanied from the age of 12 years.

The run itself is great fun, and an enjoyable morning for all, back in time for Sunday lunch and supporting a great cause. Don't worry if you're not the fastest runner or the quickest walker, have fun!


Tadcaster Harriers has been involved with this run from early in its days and have supplied marshals as well as entry and timekeeping services. It is a great day to be involved in and we always need volunteers to help on the day.

In 2017 the event raised almost £10,000 !!

Next year's event will take place on Sunday 6th October 2019. Please help if you can spare the time.

How to Enter

For more details about the event, including details of how to enter, please check the website at or the facebook page at Bramham Park Fun Run

Cancer Research


Event History

Tadcaster Harriers have assisted with the Bramham Park Fun Runs every year since the very first event in 1999. This has been a collaboration between Tadcaster Harriers and Ann and Jeff Newton, on behalf of Cancer Research UK. The first event had 66 runners and raised £1,400. Subsequently the event has grown to six or seven hundred entries and raised over £150,000 for Cancer Research UK. In 2015 Ann and Jeff retired from Fundraising, having raised over quarter of a million pounds in total, and as recognition for the contribution made by Tadcaster Harriers we were presented with the certificate displayed.

There was some doubt as to whether the event would continue, but we were delighted when Beverley Firth offered her services to Cancer Research UK allowing the event to continue in 2015 and onwards. The committee of the Harriers have happily agreed to continue helping with this event.

We would like to thank all the Harriers who have helped in the past, and are sure they would agree that it's a really good morning on the day of the Fun runs.