Come and Join Us

Tadcaster Harriers training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Tadcaster Community Sports Trust . You should aim to be there, changed into your running kit and ready to warm up at 6:45pm. Please just check the calendar on this page to confirm that training is on.

What to expect - Tuesdays

As the club membership has grown so has our ability to cater for all abilities during our weekly training nights. We usually have at least 4 running groups, based approximately on the training pace listed in the table below. Each group will be allocated a Run Leader who will aim to run at the appropriate pace, making sure everyone knows the planned route.

Our training sessions always begin with a dynamic warm up, led by one of the qualified run leaders. Before setting off, just decide which group you want to run with and off you go. The group-based runs are there to make sure everybody knows where they are going and to make sure that no one gets left behind. Of course if you want to run ahead of a group at your own pace that is fine.

Once a month - on the first Tuesday in the month - you will be encouraged to attempt a speed endurance session consisting of hill or sprint reps. Of course that isn't for everyone, so there will usually be the option of joining a small group for a steady paced run.

Group Pace
Group A  6:30 to 7:30 minutes per Mile
Group B 7:30 to 8:30 minutes per Mile
Group C 8:30 to 10 minutes per Mile
Group D 10 to 12 minutes per Mile

What to expect - Thursdays

Thursday run sessions are more of a social run than the Tuesday training sessions. We tend to run in 1 or two groups and allow runners at the back to catch up. To be comfortable on the regular Thursday run you need to be able to run at 12 minutes per mile or faster for 4 or 5 miles.

The Thursday Running Group is transformed into a beginner’s group for twelve weeks over the Spring/Summer and a “runandtalk” run for mental health awareness once a month during the rest of the year. All Harriers are welcome at these sessions as well.

We will have trained run leaders at all sessions to lead the group, decide upon a route and ensure no one gets left behind!



Do you run with a GPS device ? If so, why not link your runs to Strava and join our club community on there ? Simply go to the Tadcaster Harriers Club Page on Strava and click to option to join.