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How to Prevent Running Injuries

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Hi all, many thanks for coming along to my talk on Tuesday. It was really humbling to see so many people there to listen to me ranting on….

As promised, here is a link for you to download the presentation:

Download Powerpoint

Download pdf

I have included a link below to the results from the SurveyMonkey questionnaire for anyone who is interested.

Below is the link to Greg Lehman’s very well written blog on stretching…..

Below is the table for normal values for calf raising..

For anyone who likes to keep abreast of these things I can highly recommend Tom Goom’s website/blog. Tom is a Physio on the south coast who is very well up on all things running research related. I did a course with Tom a few years back and he certainly knows what he is talking about!

There are obviously loads of books out there about running but the 2 biggy’s that have influenced me lately are:

Good to Go: How to Eat, Sleep and Rest Like a Champion by Christie Aschwanden 

Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson (who also does a great blog )

For those of you thinking about dipping your toe in the Ultra world then I love listening to

If anyone has any queries or questions the please do get in touch at 

Thanks again! Dave Baxter

Chris Hollinshead Session October 2018

Chris Hollinshead Training Session - 9th October 2018

Thank you 

I would like to thank everyone at Tadcaster for the warm welcome I received last night.

Until last night I didn't realise there were two 12 o'clock in a day 

Last night there were four key sessions operated and all took in the hill. These could be adapted ( time out running, volume and intensity) to meet the individual needs of the runners and operated on a rotating basis over a period of time e.g. 12 weeks

Group A: 

35 mins tempo running @ 10 mile pace

The above session develops capacity to cruise at a higher aerobic speed over differing terrain e.g. Flat and hills

Group B:

10 mins aerobic

5 x circuit (up and down hill) with a jog/ walk along flat section of road 

10 mins aerobic

The above session may help to prepare runners to maintain a pace when feeling tired after a climb.

Group C :

2 sets of 5 x hills

Alternate between hill rep and hill rep plus downhill. Recovery between reps - perceived recovery based on being able to talk easily again

The above session helps runners to develop capacity to regain composure and accelerate off a hill.

Group D:

3 sets of 3 x hill reps with walk/ jog back recovery (3 mins between sets)

The above session develops strength endurance to tackle inclines.

Tip of the day: 

You may come across races that contain either sharp bends or cones to run around, resulting in rapid deceleration and acceleration.

Practice this in training eg with a traffic cone, and focus on development of a controlled deceleration and acceleration through a chosen racing line. How much time could be saved in a race through technical development?

Thank you again for inviting me back. If you need anything else please contact me or post up.

Club Run Training Sessions

Club Run Training Session Week 3

Thanks to Chris Hollinshead for another excellent training session last night. Chris commented on how he had enjoyed the sessions with us. We enjoyed them too!

Below is a summary of the sessions for week 3.

You can also see a list of all the three weeks worth of sessions here: CHRIS HOLLINSHEAD TRAINING SESSIONS


3 x 6 minute repetitions at half marathon speed with 2 1/2 minutes recovery. After final repetition take 4 minutes recovery
1 x 3 minutes  @ 10k pace with 2 mins recovery
1 x 90 seconds @ 5k pace with 90 seconds recovery
1 x 45 seconds @ 3k pace


3 x 5 minute repetitions at half marathon speed with 2 1/2 minutes recovery. After final repetition take 4 minutes recovery
1 x 90 seconds @ 5k pace with 2 minutes recovery
1 x 45 seconds @ 3k pace


1 x 6 minutes.
1 x 4 minutes
1 x 2 minutes
1 x 1 minute
Pace: talking pace for the 6 and 4 minutes
talking / phrase pace for the 2 and 1 minute

2 minutes
3 minutes
4 minutes
3 minutes
2 minutes
Pace: talking pace
Recovery - use talk test to ascertain when runners have recovered

Club Run Training Session No.1 with Chris Hollinshead

Club Run Session 1

Tuesday 13th March saw the much anticipated first training session with EA Level 4 Endurance Coach Chris Hollinshead. Chris has over 20 years experience coaching athletes of all levels, and still competes at a high level.

Chris emphasized the importance of a good warm up and took us for a 20 minute warm up session, designed to mobilise all muscle groups and tendons that would be used for the session, increasing effort levels so we were ready to run at pace.

We then split into four groups. led by the run leaders (Andy Sloan, Dave Mullaney, Glen Johnson and Celia McRoyall):

Group A:  6-7min mile group
4 sets of running at 5k pace for 4 minutes followed by 30 seconds recovery before increasing the tempo to 1500m pace for 60 seconds. Active recovery of 2.5 minutes between sets. The idea being to get the athletes body used to running at a higher speed.

Group B: 8-9 min group
3 sets of running at 5k pace for 3 minutes followed by 2.5 minutes active recovery; 2 minutes at 3k pace followed by 1.5 minutes active recovery; 1 minute at 1500m pace. 3.5 minutes recovery between sets. Again the idea here is to get your body used to running at higher speed.

Group C: 9-10 min mile group
5 sets of 3 minutes at 5k/10k pace. Run out for 1.1/2 minutes before turning around and running back. The aim is to run back faster than when they went out. 3 minutes active recovery between sets. Once again aiming to increase the speed you can maintain over these distances.

Group D: 10-11 min mile group
5 sets of 2 minutes at 5k/10k pace. Run out for 1 minute before turning around and running back. The aim is to run back faster than when they went out. 3 minutes active recovery between sets

Chris also gave plenty of advice relating to training for distance events such as either concentrating on increasing distance or intensity and that you cannot achieve both. If you are training specifically for marathon distance then don't expect to be able to increase your speed at the smaller distances (5k/10k etc). He also stressed not increasing workload above 10%, and building up in phases  with recovery phases built in.

Chris is a member of our Facebook Group and welcomes any questions you may have about the training or running in general.

The next session is on the 27th March (meet at Magnets for a 6.45pm start)