Roll of Honour

The table below lists all previous winners of our annual trophies.


Men’s Club Champion

Women’s Club Champion

Club Handicap Champion (The Bandung Bowl)

Joe Knowles Trophy

Track Handicap Trophy

Track Mile
2021 Wayne Wetherhill
Liz Mould
20201 void void Craig Redmond Dan Phillis Richard Gatrell Ryan Kavanagh
Liz Mould
2019 Ryan Kavanagh Liz Mould Paul Dykes Sally Polkey Sally Polkey Ryan Kavanagh
Liz Mould
2018 Andrew Sloan Jo Millican Andy Lee Paul Dykes Lisa Sharpe Andrew Sloan
Jo Millican
2017 Ryan Kavanagh Abigail Carter Glen Johnson
Mark Swinden
Abigail Carter Dave Foster Ryan Kavanagh
Becky McGuinness
2016 Glen Johnson Debbie Dennison Duncan Simpson Shirley Steele Andy Lee Duncan Woodhall
Jo Derry
2015 Craig Redmond Jo Millican Sue Tennant Ged Beall Shirley Harrison Glen Johnson
Jo Derry
2014 Ryan Kavanagh Jo Millican
Sue Bradford
Andy Sloan Sue Bradford Dianne Davies Stephen King
Jo Millican
2013 Stephen King Liz Ensor Rob Wilson Rob Wilson Jon Steele Stephen King
Jo Millican
2012 Bob Duxbury Sue Tennant Bob Duxbury Bryan Thorpe Stephen King    
2011 Bob Duxbury Jo Millican Jeremy  Swinden Jeremy Swinden Dave Foster    
2010 Bob Duxbury Elaine Kavanagh Bob Duxbury Kevin Erskine Richard Millican    
2009 Kevin Erskine Jo Millican Mark Swinden Kevin Erskine Glen Johnson    
2008 Kevin Erskine Elaine Kavanagh Bob Duxbury Anthony Mulley Glenn Armstrong    
2007 Kevin Erskine Jo Millican Bob Duxbury
Elaine Kavanagh
Glenn Armstrong Henry Smith    
2006 Kevin Erskine Elaine Kavanagh Ian Ward Dave Foster Ian Ward    
2005 Glen Johnson
Kevin Erskine
Joanne Derry Ian Ward Rob Wilson Rob Wilson    
2004 Ian Ward   Ian Ward Martin Overton Glen Johnson    
2003 Glen Johnson   Claire Smith Jamie Thompson Emma Cummings    
2002 Bob Duxbury   Patrick Carr Steve Ford Elaine Kavanagh    
2001 Glen Johnson   Mark Swinden Jo Davies Martin Overton    
2000 Chris Knipe   Joanne Ward
Ian Ward
Ian Ward Neil ward    
1999 Chris Knipe   Joanne Ward Blaise Smith Ian Ward Glen Johnson 5.29
1998 Chris Knipe   Chris Knipe   Glen Johnson    
1997 Andy Hiley Joanne Ward Ian Ward   Neil ward Neil Gibbons
Joanne Ward
1996 Bob Duxbury   Mark Swinden   Andy Hiley    
1995 Bob Duxbury   Patrick Carr   John Wilson    
1994 Bob Duxbury   Neil Gibbons
Mark Swinden
  Neil Snowdon    
1993 Bob Duxbury   Bob Duxbury   John Black    
1992 Peter James   Chris Knipe   Mark Swinden    
1991 Peter James Margaret Mayall Tony Dawson   Peter James    
1990 Eddie Smith Sue Beardmore Keith Wilson   John Nettleton    
1989 Patrick Carrr       John Nettleton    
1988 Graham Penhaligon            
1987  Patrick Carrr            


1 - 2020 results affected by Covid-19 as follows:

  • No Club Championships awarded (not enough events)
  • Handicap Championship best 5 from 7 (instead of 7 from 9)
  • Joe Knowles Trophy run over alternative course
  • Track Handicap run as a 2.55 mile Virtual Event
  • Track Mile run as a Virtual Event